Saturday, December 8, 2012

dedicated teaching blog.

So on palringo, in Wicca 101 ill be teaching candle and healing magick!!! yay! im really excited, ill be teaching on sundays!

Ill be teaching candle magick on my own, then with my sis ill be teaching healing magick.

this blog is going to be dedicated to my teaching for both candle magick and healing magick.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

hmmm 1 year ann for a wiccan couple

Sooo next month is me and my boyfriend's 1 year anniversary. We are both wiccans and i want to do something special just for us celebrating 1 year. We are totally in love. <3
So what im asking is if there is anyone out there have any ideas on how we should magickally celebrate this wonderful event.

blessed be

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pagan Pride Fest! :)

Soo a few days ago I went to a Pagan Pride fest, mann did i have fun! I got $5 worth of candles, a fairy tarot card deck, an all in one runes rune necklace and 2 wooden roses! ill post a video either tonight or tomorrow explaining the meanings of the different colors of the candles!
-Haley LadyFaerieWicca
Blessed be!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

lost object? candle magick spell? sayy what?

Soo yesterday i did a candle magick spell for find a lost object. i got the spell from everythingunderthemoon. i made a video of it too, for my class that i am teaching candle magick. Well it was a huge fail! Like first i messed up on reading the spell, then my bf calls me, then i accidently blew out the candle by mistake that pissed me off. Soo then i call my bf back and told him what i was doing and then he told me that i can do a lost object spell to find my pendulum, bc once its gone your never going to find it, that made me beyond pissed. So I wasted a candle, soo im probably going to use it for whatever i guess. BUT if you want to see the video here is the link but make sure you turn up the volume. :)  welp off for now see you all later!  :)

-Haley LadyFaerieWicca
Blessed Be!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

dreams,spells, nightmares?

heyy soo, i think ive said this in my "all about me" thingy, but im a wiccan, meaning i do witchcraft aka wicca.
here is a spell that you can do to STOP those nasty nightmares! :) enjoy!
-Haley Ladyfaeriewicca
blessed be!

candle magick? wicca? say what?

ok soooo im going to start teaching candle magick! I am soooo excited. ok i taught myself. candle magick is the simplest form of magick, its like beginner magick lol. but i found this blog and ohemgee! im excited to get up on my reaaddding! lol here it is for my fellow wicca reader- candle magick blog thingy! 
your very welcome!
-Haley Ladyfaeriewicca
Blessed be! 

Heyyy and welcome!

Soo i started a new blog and this is it! Im soo excited. ill be just coping and pasting and publishing the 2 posts about wicca from my other blog the weird one on to this one. brb baking itty-bitty cupcakes! :)
...10mins later... ok im back! :) lol they smell soo good.